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Practice Solutions

A smooth-running, harmonious practice that staff and clients like to come to depends on the answers to questions such as: What do clients expect when they bring their pets to you? How do they feel about the value they receive –Vs- the fees they pay? How skilled and efficient are your staff members? How strong are their communication skills? No two practices are alike. No two solutions are alike. Work with Karyn to find customized solutions that fit you.

Staff Surveys

Our unique confidential, online staff assessment will help you identify the most important issues requiring attention to ensure your employees are satisfied and productive. The Staff Survey Package includes:

Online survey
Timely Written report
Actionable recommendations
1 hour personal phone consultation to review the report and recommendations

Client Surveys

In order to succeed you must understand your clients needs and how to meet them. Our custom survey will provide insight into your clients' likes and dislikes and most importantly what counts the most with them and what areas need to improve. Our Client Survey Package includes:

Client Surveys
Timely detailed written report with actionable recommendations
1 hour personal phone consultation to review the report and recommendations

Training Programs

To differentiate your practice and build client loyalty, it is important to know how to engage clients and create a trusting bond. Our Training Programs are designed to help you and your team master new client service skills. Some of our hallmark training programs include:

How to make satisfying, authentic connections to meet and exceed the expectations of today’s veterinary clients.
Key Marketing Questions & Answers to help you attract new clients and grow your practice
Compliance Training -- how to build consistency in client communications to help pets get better care
7 Rules for Confident, Profitable Pricing in Practice
Constructive Conflict Resolution
Teambuilding that Works
Hiring Right – Practical tools and ideas to help you hire the best person for your team
Job Descriptions that Help You Communication performance Expectations and Build the Team You Want
How to Develop Traction for Action and Accountability

All programs are customizable to meet your practice’s needs. Contact us today to discuss a solution.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning (SP) will help you gain better control of your practice, provide focus and clarity to your team and develop concrete long-term and immediate action plans to achieve the results you desire.


SP should be clean and simple and address the below questions:

1. Where do we want to go? (Vision/Mission)
2. Where are we today? (SWOT analysis)
3. What do we have to do to get there? (Priorities and Action Plan for current year)

SP usually involves the whole practice team or in very large practices, the department heads and practice leaders. Predicated upon pre-work and preparation by the practice, SP usually takes at least three days on site.


Practice owners that do SP usually find, that in addition to helping them gain clarity, focus and improved control of their business, it is a great team-building exercise. The SP discussions educate everyone about the practice’s business, values and goals and help get everyone on the same page and working together to achieve them.

Are you ready for Strategic Planning?

1. You are considering, or have just completed, a major change or transition of some kind.
2. You are stalled or drifting and don't have fresh ideas for how to recharge and grow.
3. You are in trouble and seeking solutions.
4. You've been told you have to do it. (Usually by a consultant or new owners.)
5. You are in the habit of doing annual strategic planning and can't imagine running your practice without it.

If you answer yes to any of the above questions, you could benefit from SP. There is never a bad time to do strategic planning. Strategic Planning can help re-energize a stalled practice, jump start growth in a good practice, and turnaround a crisis.


There are so many marketing choices available today that it is hard to know what to spend money on and what not to! The best marketing, however, starts with your customer and is tailored to your unique situation and practice goals. We assess your needs to develop integrated marketing programs that encompass all today’s technology tools.